• Advance Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Leadership Workshop

    The Advance Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Leadership Workshop will help you understand that there is a direct correlation between high EQ and success. High EQ people have the ability to identify with others, are able to bring themselves out of deep feelings of vulnerability, possess a natural sense of calmness and have the ability to listen to and effectively communicate with others.

    What you say, how you say it, how you feel and the energy you have in your body all directly relate to your ability to "speak"write" about a given subject. Higher EQ people feel the energy in the room and they are able to connect with other people without hesitation or doubt. This allows them to be more present, relaxed and objective in their interactions.

    When you are in your EFT Energy Checker, you can look at the emotions you are having right now, and see what triggers your energy. By identifying where you are right now, you will be able to then focus on changing your mindset, where you are right now.

    You will be able to understand how you feel by what you hear and by what you see and by how you're feeling right now, you will be able to listen to others in the room, in a variety of different ways. The difference in these responses to the environment by the people who are sitting opposite you, can be the difference between success and failure.

    When you can access your higher frequency thoughts and feelings, you will be able to sense the needs of those around you, and learn what your people need in order to feel their best. It's your ability to meet these needs that will drive and sustain you to the top.

    You will also begin to see the patterns in the energy of people, how they react to certain situations and therefore be able to put yourself in the place of others in order to know what is coming, what is expected and what is being said. These patterns will allow you to take a deeper look into the motivations of others, and not just their level of self-esteem, but also their passion and drive.

    By the time you get to the advanced level of the Advance Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Leadership Workshop, you will be able to identify the behaviors and reactions of others, and then what steps they are taking to solve the problem you are facing, or find the solution. You will be able to adjust accordingly, and be able to redirect and change these negative reactions and behaviors.

    For example, if someone is not paying attention, you can begin to tune into their energy, and see their thoughts, and begin to reprogram their energy. You can now modify their energy so that they respond appropriately to whatever situation you are facing in the room.

    You will be able to begin to use your advanced EQ for self-defense and healing. By understanding the difference between good energy and bad energy, you will be able to discern the strategies that will make you feel safe and in control, and the ones that will cause you more harm.

    The Advance Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Leadership Workshop is something that will open the door to your consciousness, allowing you to harness the power of the universal energy, allowing you to use this energy to your advantage. It is what you do with that energy that will lead you to the highest level of success.

    By working with the Emotional Intelligence program and becoming a part of the Advanced Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Leadership Workshop, you will be able to start working on yourself and others. You will be able to move up through the levels of development and learning and you will have the opportunity to share what you have learned with others, helping them to be successful in their own lives.

    The Advance Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Leadership Workshop is an opportunity to gain access to the learning and growth that hasbeen suppressed and held back. By accessing and empowering yourself to the level of consciousness that is necessary to fulfill your potential, you will be able to achieve higher success in all aspects of your life, from self-development to self-help to business to personal growth.